Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Direction UK Tour sold 300,000 tickets in 1 day

One Direction 2013 UK arena tour has sold an estimated 300,000 in 1 day, with some fans queuing up 40 hours in advance to buy tickets.


One Direction outshine Big Time Rush on tour

According to the Toronto Star,

"When One Direction left the stage after seven songs, a noticeable portion of the crowd joined them ... Despite BTR's Herculean 75-minute effort, it seemed most fans preferred the simpler approach of warm-up act - or should we say, co-headliner - One Direction. 
"At least one band's career direction is on the rise. Bieber beware, and parents, guard your wallets."

It makes you think "What If".............If their label could go back in time, I think they would have done things differently.

One Direction as the headliner of their own Tour.  (Big Time Rush will have their own separate tour).  Judging from the tour footage on Youtube, there is significant demand for One Direction tickets.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


108,385,954 Feb 11 (#105 all time)
111,786,853 Feb13 (#103 all time)
114,859,464 Feb 16 (#100 all time)
118,699,688 Feb 19  (#100 all time)
131,268,395 Feb 27 (#91 all time)
134,180,513 Feb 29 (#89 all time)

Without a doubt, they are moving up and up at a fast rate.  Top 50 is reachable within a few months.

One Direction Has Highest Hot 100 Debut For New U.K. Act Since 1998

According to Billboard, One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" debuts at No. 28 on Billboard Hot 100 singles.  It is the highest charting for a U.K. act's debut single since 1998.


The song sold about 132,000 downloads in the first week according to Nielsen SoundScan, good enough for No. 12 on the Digital Chart.

Source:  Billboard